Model no. 685 C-4
Consumption: 40W
Product: Air Purifier
Volt: 220V/50Hz
Insert: Temp. 0 40°C, humidity 480%RH
Dimensions: 69*184*185mm
Negative ions: >5*10^6 ions/cc


6 levels cleaning

1- Pre-filter

2- Activated carbon filter

3- H13 filter

4- Negative ion filter

5-UVC light

6-TiO2 plasma filter


-Odor elimination

Sterilization (killing viruses)

Dust filtering

Absorption of toxic gases

Ionization of the room


Application area

Our entry level model is best suited for premises up to 50 m².
With simple remote control

1. Piece € 399,00 plus. VAT.
2-9 Piece € 342,00 plus. VAT.
10 Piece € 299,00 plus. VAT.
> 10 Piece € 265,00 plus. VAT.
400 Piece (20“ Container on request.
800 Piece (40“ Container) on request.

Accessories/Spare parts:

UV-C lamp: Per piece € 9,50 plus VAT.
Hepa 13 filter: Per piece € 45,00 plus VAT.
Larger quantities on request.


C4 Air purifier with H13 Filter 

Instruction manual

Take out the cover, mount it on the housing and fix it with two screws.Insert the plug into 220 volt socket. Press on/off button. Press the SPEED button to switch the fan speed. L / M / H. L is low fan speed. M is the average fan speed. H is a high fan speed.

Press the Timer key. You can set three different times, 2hrs, 4hrs and 8hrs.

Press the ANION key to turn the negative ion on and off.


Do not clean the machine with an organic solvent. Disconnect the power supply and clean the machine with a soft cloth and a neutral cleaner. Do not allow any liquid to enter the machine.

After some time, clean the dust of the air outlet with a dry brush while the machine is switched off.