Model: Kolk-KC-08
Series: Air purifier with Hepa 13 filter
Color : White/Grey
Material : ABS
Net weight: 10 KG
Volt: 220v./50Hz
Power: 85W
Suitable for rooms: 54M²-80 M²
CADR: 450M³/hour.
Dimensions: 40 x 23 x 62 Cm.

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1- The LCD display shows the level of air pollution and humidity in the room in real time.

2-Shows which particles are detected and what the concentration is.

3-Filter life: Automatically informs you when a filter needs to be replaced or cleaned.

4- Automatic air quality sensor

Red:      High purification level

Yellow:    Medium purification stage

Green:   Lowest purification stage


The C-08 has an integrated water tank.

If desired, you can turn on the room humidifier function.

1-Increases the purification level of the air purifier.

2-Increases the quality of breathing

3-eliminates fatigue symptoms by stimulating blood circulation.

Side view

Large air inlets on the left and right.

Sucks in all the impurities that float in the air:

-(Corona) viruses; bacteria; kitchen-and-toilet odors;

-dust(PM 2.5) cigarette smoke: formaldehyde; mites and pollen.

Cover UV-C light (no dangerous radiation).

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Flat and smooth surface
Dimensionally stable, heat-resistant and UV light-resistant
material (ABS).
Easy to clean

1. Piece € 779,00 plus. VAT.
2-9 Piece € 659,00 plus. VAT.
10 Piece € 599,00 plus. VAT.
> 10 Piece € 545,00 plus. VAT.
200 Piece (20“ Container) on request.
500 Piece (40“ Container) on request.

Accessories/Spare parts:

UV-C lamp:   Per piece        €29,50 plus. VAT.
Hepa 13 filter:  Per piece       € 110,00 plus. VAT.

Larger quantities on request.

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C8 Air purifier with H13 filter


Pre-filter captures larger dust particles and other harmful substances such as pet hair and dander.

Special aluminum dust filter (Multi Layer) provides very little air resistance and thus ensures a longer life of the fan.

Cleaning with air pressure or vacuum cleaner (Please always clean outdoors).

Cold catalyst filter

A new type of cleaning material that does not require UV light or high temperatures.

It can decompose toxic gases and catalyze organic compounds with oxygen, such as formaldehyde; ammonia; benzene,
bacteria, etc.

Activated carbon filter

Extra high quality activated carbon filter with a high percentage of activated carbon.

We use a high quality PP in a honeycomb construction. This ensures the perfect distribution of the activated carbon. This guarantees a very high efficiency.

The special design also ensures a longer service life of the fan.

Activated carbon offers an efficient way to catalyze toxic gases and absorbs e.g. formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrocarbons with an effectiveness of 99%.

We use activated carbon obtained from coconut shells with a density of 200 grams (+/-10%).

Antibacterial screen made of technical cotton

We use special “non-woven” fabric from the USA with antibacterial, moisture resistant and mold resistant properties.

It stops and eliminates the micro metabolism of mites and bacteria.

Hepa H13 and H14 filters according to EN 1822 standard

A HEPA filter can retain suspended particles larger than 1 µm (1/1000 mm). This means that corona viruses, in addition to all other impurities, are also retained.

Filter class H13:
Separation efficiency 99,95%
Transmittance 0,5%

Filter class H14:
Separation efficiency 99,995%
Transmittance 0,005%

The table shows how incredibly many particles are removed from the air by the filters. Out of 100,000 particles, only 5 particles get through with an H14 filter. These numbers illustrate the benefit of using HEPA filters in terms of reducing airborne pollutants.

Cleaning HEPA filters

It is indicated when the filter needs to be changed. (Within 9-12 months depending on air pollution).

UV-A radiation inactivates Covid-19 pathogen Sars-CoV-2

We use a UV-A light with a wavelength of 365nm.

Chemical free air disinfection
Meets safety standards for UV radiation

Negative ion generator

Principle of negative ion generator: the input of 220V voltage is converted into high frequency and high voltage by the oscillator circuit, and it is converted into high frequency and high voltage DCDC20KV by the pressure circuit, forming 80m-100m. Negative Ions.

Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are formed in nature by exposure to water, air and sunlight. Negatively charged ions are most often found in the wild and especially near running water or after a thunderstorm.

You may also know that unique smell in the air and that special feeling when you are on the beach. This actually means that the body is saturated with negative ions.

That’s probably why so many people need a shower in the morning to wake up.


-Clear contents and intuitive operation

-Intelligent remote control

-Following functions can be switched on and off individually

Sterilization function

Negative ion function

Automatic function or timer function

Sleep function

Child lock

Humidification function


High end Japanese Chipu DC motor with solid copper coil.
Lifetime in normal case 30.000 hours
950 revolutions (+/-10%)
Housing made of high quality BMC polyester with heat resistance over 250C°.
Built-in overheating protection

Fan and air ducts

Scientifically designed fan with aerodynamic wind tunnel.
Thus very low noise level of 34.4 Db.
High volume and high filter capacity of 450 m³/hour.
Balanced wheelbase with an accuracy of 2.5+ +1 gr. which contributes to noise reduction.
Fan is ultra light and large. (high capacity)

Hyperstatic dynamic balance curve motion channel.
Ensures smooth and quiet running of the machine.